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My name is Michael Ludwig and I am the main developer of the App DroidStats for Android. Here you will find updates, screenshots and more. I thank all the people who are using DroidStats and liking it. We also offer a donation/pro version which unlocks some very nice feature. You can find the market page if you click "Donate".

some pictures of donation features:

What is DroidStats?
DroidStats is an app to watch your phone, sms and data usage on your smartphone. You can set the limits of your plan. For example your contract is setup that you can call 100 minutes every month, send 150 sms every month and can use 200 MB of 3G data. You can see how much you have used already and how much sms, minutes and data are remaining. If you are over your limit you can see how much you have to pay extra, if you have configured the costs. All limits can be viewed in an overview and with three nice widgets. Also you get an notification if you are reaching your limits. To better analyze your usage of the phone you have a lot of extra stats and can see the Top3 of every statistic.


What will come in future:

If you find errors please email me or use UserVoice instead of giving bad market comments. Thanks ;-)
At the bottom you will find the paypal donation link. It is for people without market access. The standard way is with the donate button at the top over the android market.